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Celebrity and Talent


We provide legal services to personalities in the entertainment and sports industries and can provide you with advice on talent deals, sponsorship and promotional endorsements, protection of rights under Competition Law and the tort of passing off, privacy law and defamation. 


We understand the dynamics of talent management and we work closely with agents, managers, and other forms of representation to provide pragmatic commercial and legal advice to talent. 


Our firm has a wealth of connections in the local and international entertainment industry and can provide you with networking services.


Our services include: 


  • advising on, drafting and negotiating talent deals and licenses

  • advising on business structures 

  • drafting and negoting sponsorship, endorsement and appearance arrangements

  • drafting and negotiating management deals 

  • drafting and negotiating touring/ev

  • advising on, drafting and negotiating film, television and online deals

  • providing networking assistance

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