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Sports, Sponsorship and Advertising


Our firm advises sportspeople, clubs, managers, administrators, regulatory bodies, sporting venues, and associations.


We also provide legal services to clients in the advertising and marketing industries. 


Our services include:


  • drafting and negotiating sporting contracting and transfers

  • drafting and negotiating agent and management representation agreements 

  • advising on sports event management and ticketing 

  • advising on regulation, governance and disciplinary matters for sports

  • drafting and negotiating sponsorship deals 

  • drafting and negotiating broadcast licensing deals

  • image rights management and infringements 

  • advising on and drafting advertising clearances

  • advising on trademarks and brand management 

  • advising on product packaging and labelling

  • advising on Competition and Consumer Law and liaising with relevant industry bodies 

  • provision of dispute resolution services for matters involving third parties

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