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Digital Media, Software and Gaming


Our firm provides legal services to clients in the digital media and technology industries. We provide advice on ever-changing digital technology laws and we can assist you with establishing, protecting and exploiting your intellectual property rights in online media and software. 


Our services include:


  • advising on digital distribution rights 

  • drafting and negotiating digital distribtion agreements for film, television, video and music

  • drafting and negotiating interactive gaming and software agreements

  • drafting and negotiating assignment of inventions, non- disclosure agreements, outsourcing agreements, software development agreements, software escrow agreements and website development agreements

  • advising on digital rights management systems 

  • advising on website development and e-commerce

  • advising on virtual reality projects

  • drafting website, software and application terms of use  

  • advising on technology franchise and technology franchise licensing 

  • advising technology formation and startups 

  • advising on ringtones, real tones, ring back tones, apps, and other audio and audio visual mobile telephony products and services 

  • advising on technology purchase and sale 

  • advising on creative commons and free for education licensing 

  • advising on broadcast, internet, WAP, digital cinema, cable and satellite content delivery 

  • advising on privacy and spam issues 

  • drafting social media and privacy policies

  • advising on domain names and domain name disputes

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