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Film, Television and Video


From conception to exploitation - our firm provides tailored advice and expertise on financing, developing, producing and distributing your project. 


Our services include: 


  • chain of title analysis 

  • advising on business structures 

  • drafting and negotiating option agreements and assignments of copyright 

  • drafting and negotiating development agreements and co-production agreements

  • advising on packaging and financing projects

  • advising and negotiating official and unofficial co-productions 

  • advising and assisting with applications for producer, location and PDV offsets 

  • undertaking production legal work and clearances 

  • cast and crew agreements and location agreements

  • drafting and negotiating distribution and sales agency arrangements and agreements

  • drafting and negotiating licensing deals for domestic and international platforms

  • advising on insurance packages incl. completion guarantees 

  • advising and assisting with export market development grant applications 

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