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Employment Matters


Our firm provides non-litigation employment advice for employers and employees, including negotiation and contracting, across all entertainment industries. For litigious matters, we can brief firms and barristers who specialise in litigating employment disputes. 


In addition, we have a strong working knowledge of and relationships with local and international unions and guilds operating in the entertainment sector. 


Our services include: 


  • drafting and negotiating employment contracts 

  • advising on termination of employment and redundancy

  • advising on misconduct and disciplinary action

  • drafting and negotiating post-employment restraints 

  • advising on workplace discrimination, bullying and adverse action 

  • advising on confidentiality, privacy and intellectual property

  • advising on work, health and safety issues 

  • drafting workplace policies - i.e. work, health and safety 

  • advising on the enforcement of bonus schemes and discretionary entitlements 

  • participating in union and guild negotiations (including MEAA, AWG, ADG, SPAA, SAG, WGA, DGA) 

  • providing advice on the Fair Work Act 2009

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