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Music and Theatre


We provide services to musicians, artists, performers, bands, composers, record companies, promoters, music publishers, producers, venues, theatre owners, musical directors, choreographers, managers, touring companies and digital media companies.


Our services include: 


  • drafting and negotiating artist contracts

  • drafting and negotiating music and sound recording licensing, including synchronisation 

  • advice on APRA, AMCOS, PPCA, ARIA arrangements and other organisations 

  • negotiation with and advising on the protocols and procedures of local and international collecting societies

  • advising on music publishing

  • drafting, negotiating and advising on commissioned music

  • drafting and negotiating recording and soundtrack album deals

  • advising on sponsorship and product endorsement arrangements

  • advising on music tours, events and venue hire arrangements

  • advising on financial structures for theatre investors 

  • advising on industrial and union negotiations

  • advising on digital exploitation of music rights

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